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We combine best practice strategic advisory services with real world experience in project implementation and day-to-day operations.

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Health Services


We are an accomplished healthcare consulting firm that is motivated by the changing landscape of the Australian healthcare industry.

As part of our commitment to healthcare excellence we are dedicated to achieving better health services for the whole community.

In working towards better outcomes for consumers, clinicians and funders, we deliver projects to improve health services, systems and infrastructure.

 Our focus is on implementation and consistently achieving results.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we strategically identify the key issues, possibilities and challenges and provide targeted, practical solutions that deliver sustained and measurable improvements.

Clients typically span a diverse range of health industry providers, including: Federal and State Government, Health Services, Project Directors and Universities.

We also work in collaboration with other healthcare consultancies as part of large project teams.

Our services include:


Health service Boards, senior executive teams.


Planning for and implementation of new systems, services and models of care.

Service and infrastructure planning

Planning for health infrastructure.

Organisation and service review and redesign

Reviewing governance, systems, services and models of care.

Stakeholder consultation

Taking a proactive approach to motivate your stakeholders and bring them on board.


Research, analysis and development


Fitzroy Place Consulting is an established, outcomes focussed health care consultancy firm with a proven track record for success.

Fitzroy Place Consulting operates from offices in Melbourne.

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