We bring experience, clarity and a forward looking focus to your project.

We have significant clinical and operational experience and a deep understanding of the way healthcare works.

We deliver projects to improve health services, systems and infrastructure.


Designing for change

Australian healthcare organisations are experiencing a time of rapid and unprecedented change. We bring broad and insightful knowledge of the future issues facing the healthcare industry, including innovations in the delivery of services, new technologies and a strengthened role for consumer engagement.


At Fitzroy Place Consulting we use our know-how and passion to help healthcare organisations create and implement effective healthcare change management strategies for future success and longevity.

Responding to change with agility

Our comprehensive services are based on providing strategic, robust advice across the following areas:


  • Advisory – Health service Boards, senior executive teams
  • Healthcare service redesign and change management
  • Optimising operations – reviewing governance, systems, services and models of care
  • Planning for and implementation of new systems, services and models of care
  • Planning for health infrastructure
  • Workforce development and clinical training
  • Policy – research, analysis and development

Working collaboratively

We work with you. Our healthcare management consultants are skilled at working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders. This means that we can seamlessly integrate into your workplace with minimal fuss and disruption.

We also work collaboratively with other healthcare consultancies and offer our service on a flexible, as needed basis.

Communicating with stakeholders

With significant experience in complex projects the team at Fitzroy Place Consulting are particularly skilled at communicating to manage risks and engage with stakeholders.
By carefully communicating the big picture direction of your organisation, we take a proactive approach to motivate your stakeholders and bring them on board for a new and exciting chapter organisational change management.