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Fitzroy Place Consulting is an established, outcomes focussed health care consultancy firm with a proven track record for success.

Meredith Burn, Director and Principal Consultant

Meredith has clinical and management expertise and extensive industry experience as a consultant. She understands healthcare planning and operations in detail. Meredith has a reputation for innovation and excellence in program, project and service development, provision and improvement. A powerful global thinker with sound judgment grounded in operational reality, Meredith has a strong combination of analytical skills, a nuanced understanding of the business of delivering health care and a clinician’s perspective to projects involving infrastructure, complex program planning, design and change management.

Accustomed to working with projects involving multiple organisations during periods of uncertainty and change, Meredith is skilled at communicating with stakeholders to provide the clarity needed for difficult issues to be resolved.

Meredith has completed projects with clients based throughout Australia.

Fitzroy Place Consulting operates from our office in Melbourne.

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Ground Floor, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern 3144
T: 03 9832 0945

Fitzroy Place Consulting Pty Ltd
ABN: 66 503 080 299


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