We bring experience, clarity and a forward looking focus to your project.

We provide targeted, practical solutions designed to deliver sustained and measurable improvements.


Our client’s projects are unique and challenging. Because of this, we have developed strong working relationships with health services and industries through Australia, and we have tailored our services to meet their needs and create the best outcomes. Over 80% of our projects have resulted in further assignments.

Our clients are from:

  • The broader health spectrum – acute, sub-acute, community and primary health.
  • Public and private organisations.
  • Metropolitan and regional Australia.

Our projects:

Strategic plans
  • Increase in size and scope of health services.
  • Service integration and new models of care.
  • Configuration of services across various sites of integrated health services.
Project Management
  • Leading system and service redesign projects
  • Overseeing the implementation of innovative solutions to significant capacity constraints.
  • Building capacity through service integration involving multiple organisations and new models of governance, funding, service provision, workforce roles and ICT.
  • Implementing new models for clinical education and training.
  • Validation of service plans and re-configuration of services.
  • Review of service delivery models.
  • Preparation of functional briefs for new health infrastructure.
  • Strategic workforce planning and plans for workforce development.
  • Working with Health Service Board and executive team.
  • Research, analysis and development.